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Abandoned Children Ry

The Abandoned Children Registered Association is a politically and ideologically neutral and non-profit charitable organization. It helps abandoned children and those who are in danger of being abandoned.  So far, the activity of this association is concentrated mainly in the former Soviet Union countries.

This organization helps private people who need urgent help. These people do not get enough help from local child protection, health care or social service authorities. Usually these children do not receive appropriate care and do not have adequate food, clothing and other basic things they need to survive and to develop normally. In some cases a child needs urgent and expensive medical treatment to save her life or to cure her illness.

Abandoned Children Ry tries to improve children's quality of life and advance their mental and physical well-being permanently.  Help is given to projects long enough to reach these goals. Subsequently, the association will continue its contacts to the grant, in order to immediately obtain information on potential emergency situations. Projects of the association are long-term. Thus, the association can ensure that all the help will be used for the benefit of children.

The association is in constant contact with volunteers working in the former Soviet Union countries to get information about need of urgent help.

To achieve its goals Abandoned Children Ry
- Engages in humanitarian relief operations
- Collects goods and delivers them to those in need
- Supervises the use of grants
- Engages in informational, educational and publication activities
- Cooperates with individuals and other associations and communities
- Looks for new members and volunteers
- Receives donations
- Translates articles about its activities to Finnish, Russian and Swedish languages
- Looks for new charity projects
- Keeps in touch with volunteers in the former Soviet Union countries
- Seeks to create new partnerships.

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