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With Abandoned Children Ry, you can help Russia's abandoned children in many ways.

You can

  • Become a member of the association

  • Donate items

  • help with transporting goods

  • help with storing the goods

  • provide marketing, financial and co-tips

  • send postal packages to orphanages

  • buy the association's product (wall calendar, sticker)

Please help by joining Abandoned Children Ry.

As a member you can participate in voluntary work.

You can improve the living conditions of abandoned children who stay in hospitals and in orphanages in many ways. Membership Fee Period is the calendar year. The membership fee invoice will be sent about a week after accession application. The membership fee is 20 € per year

You can help by donating items.

The Abandoned Children assocation's collection points will receive anything the children need: clean clothes in good condition, child care equipment, hygiene products, toys (washable, no stuffed animals), etc. The collection points sometimes become full, therefore it is recommended to talk to volunteers about the donations beforehand (by calling or by e-mail).

Our work is facilitated greatly if the donators organize their items (by the size of the clothing and its type) and mark the bags/boxes with what they contain (for example ”sizes 50-70 cm,” ”babies' toys,” ”baby bottles,” or ”hygiene products.”

Help by transporting items forward

Abandoned Children Ry needs more volunteers who are ready to transport items to the project coordinators, who then deliver the items to their final destinations.

The association also requires an individual who has a car suitable for the transports and is ready to participate on contribution trips.

A donation of e.g. a used minibus or a delivery van would greatly help getting aid to its destination!

Help with storage

The association requires more storage space in the Helsinki region.

Help by negotiating support

Help us get publicity, financing, and new partners/sponsors.

The assocation needs, for example

  • contacts to possible Russian sponsors and individuals in regional decision-making

  • contacts to Russian fabric wholesales/ fabric producers.

Help by sending postal packages.

Abandoned Children Ry also delivers aid by mail. The association needs people, who are

  • willing to participate with covering the postal expenses of packages arranged by the collection points (the aid does not need to be continuous if you do not wish so)

  • willing to assemble and send an aid package by themselves.

Help by buying the association's sticker.

Abandoned Children Ry sells stickers of its logo. The sticker is round (diameter about 12 cm) and black and white. The sticker's adhesive is on the picture side, so it can be attached – for example – on a car's window. The cost of the sticker is 3 euros for members and for nonmembers 4 euros (+ if needed the postal expense of 0,80 euros). The sticker can be ordered here. The payment details come as an e-mail note and the sticker is posted when the payment shows on the association's account.

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