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More than 300 000 abandoned children – let´s give a better life, at least for some of them!

The abandoned children in hospitals do not have caretakers. The hospital workers cannot offer the children enough care or proper living conditions, since it isn’t a part of their jobs and their time goes to taking care of sick children.

He or she might be physically completely healthy but still has to lie in bed from one day to another. He/she most probably has nothing; no clothes, no change of clothes, not enough diapers, no warm lap or human contacts, no chance to go outside, and no one to play with. He or she only gets warm human contact during wash up, if not at all.

If an orphanage does not have any more space, a child may have to live in a hospital for years.

Abandoned children are without exception smaller sized than those who have lived in a normal family.

There are over 300,000 children living in hospitals and orphanages all around Russia. Most of them are abandoned only because of the fact that the parents cannot afford taking care of their young. Authorities have found these children from different places. Some children have already been abandoned at birth in hospitals, some have been left later.

An abandoned child who lives in an orphanage has normally better living conditions than those who live in a hospital. In a children’s home (orphanage) a child has a caretaker, and the local authorities support the children’s homes’ activities -- although the support depends on the community’s wealth. A rich community might get everything needed for abandoned children (and even the city of Moscow gets much more), but a poor community gets barely nothing.

The government offers abandoned children only a place in a hospital, food, medicine and depending on the place a diaper or two in a day -- not, for example, clothes, toys, or a sufficient number of diapers. Even though those and many other things are what a child really needs! Love and embraces are irreplaceable of course, but clothes and diapers keep a child warm and dry and toys offer at least some kind of brainwork, which helps him/her to develop. Toys, mobiles, rattle toys and teethers which are attached to a bed are invaluably important. The most important thing is, though, that the abandoned children get at least one stable human relationship! That is exactly why the Abandoned Children is aiming towards hiring caretakers for the children’s sections.

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